Friday, March 29, 2013

Big Redfish 'n Blues

Oh what a beautiful day it was today!  When those flags are laying limp as you head towards the boat ramp you no it's going to be extra nice out on the water.  I met Dan and Chandi Nathanson and their son Nico at the Atlantic Seafood boat ramp, down at the Fernandina Beach Harbor Marina, this morning at 7:30am and we headed out under clear skies with the sun coming up. Our first stop was in Lanceford Creek, fishing the dock pilings on an incoming
tide with the oysters just covered.  It wasn't long before Chandi hooked up with a hungry Seatrout then Dan got in on the action by catching a couple of feisty Redfish.  Chandi caught a couple of these smaller but hard fighting fish, too, but when her rod bent double and the drag began to sing, we new she had a larger FISH ON!  She played the fish perfectly, taking her time, and we eventually netted a  25 3/4" Redfish!  This fish put Chandi in 3rd place in The Anglers Mark 2013 Bragging Rights Tournament - Redfish category!   The anglers caught a few more fish then we made a mover to fish some flooded oyster beds outside of Tiger Island.  Nico's first cast produced a bite and then it was non stop action as he and his mother reeled in angry Bluefish, one after the other. Nico had the hot hand and soon mastered snagging these Blues, even after they figured out that some of them were going missing!  They caught 10-12 of these fish then we ran around behind Tiger where both Dan and Chandi brought in a couple of keeper sized Seatrout.  It was a glorious day to be out on the water and a great day to be at Amelia Island!

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