Sunday, October 24, 2010

Full Moon Fishing

New to the area Aiman Banawan finally found some time off and scheduled a backcountry fishing trip with his wife Ghada and their two sons Amer and Adam.  I launched early and had a great veiw of the full moon sunsetting beyond the City Marina and when the Banawan family arrived at 7:30a we headed out for some fun fishing!  The wind was forecast to be blowing 10-15mph but it really seemed like at least 20mph from the NE so I headed to the shelter of Tiger Island and its calm waters. One drawback to the windbreak was the "no-see-ums" were active, but we had some Skin So Soft and after application we got lines in the water and it wasn't long before fish were being caught.  Aiman was helping out with the boys and they each caught fish - a Snapper and a nice Croaker, then mom caught a Flounder.  We had the welcome company of a large Sea Otter that swam around the boat, too!  After a restroom break at Dee Dee Bartels boat ramp, we headed up into Eagans Creek and anchored.  Both boys hooked up,  Adam (Spicerman) with a nice, hard fighting Redfish which once boated was aptly named "fishy";  then Amer hooked up and caught another Seatrout.  We also fished behind the shelter of Rayonier warehouse and also behind their retention pond, where we had a number of bites, but no fish.   With that, we headed in, counting it as another great day of family fishing!

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