Kids And Fishing

I really enjoy having kids fishing on The Anglers Mark and it's always great to see them catch a fish! I've found that a lot of the kids visiting the island are from out of the area and haven't seen our unique ecosystem so getting them out there and letting them experience nature is a pleasure.

The ideal number of kids is no more than 2-3 as they tend to get their lines tangled and can be wild with their casting. I coached Little League softball and YMCA basketball for a few years and filled in as umpire and referee in both leagues so I'm used to being around kids that are all pumped up with excitement.  Book a trip now and enjoy a great day out on the water with your kids!

Before all trips, adults or kids, I give a short safety orientation pointing out where the life vests, fire extinguisher, and first aid kit are. I explain to kids under 13 that they will be required to wear a life vest while the boat is under way, but when we stop their parents can decide if they allow them to take it off. You'll find that The Anglers Mark has high free board and is very safe and stable with lot's of room.

Rule #2 goes to the parents - "the kids are allowed to play with the bait!" I've found that a lot of the younger ones would rather be dipping the live shrimp or finger mullet out of the live well than actually fishing! Hey, it's OK with me! The plan is to let them take in as much new stuff as they can and to have fun. As they get older, some of the kids really get into the casting and catching. If you've got an "angler" then we'll do our best to catch a fish.

Parents should keep this in mind: I've noticed the more successful trips with kids are when the parents know that the trip is about the kids learning and having fun, not about them loading the boat with fish for dinner! If you're an adult and want to do some serious fishing with you and your buddies, we can do that, too! But it's a whole different ball game when kids are on board. We tend to anchor up and help the kids learn to reel and cast and fight a fish, even if it's a little 'ole Bluefish, and the kids don't seem to care. Again, the idea is to introduce them to fishing, make it fun, and hope that the next time you ask them if they want to go fishing they'll want to go!

By the way, The Anglers Mark is a nice sized 22' Bay Boat, rather large for backwater fishing, but it does not have restroom facilities. I would encourage the kids to hit the bathroom before we leave the dock. Even with that, we're usually no more than 15 minutes from the nearest restroom. I keep a large cooler of bottled water on board and usually have some Crystal Lite packets to sweeten them up.  Contact me now and we'll set your fishing trip up!

Get those kids away from the television and computer....and let's go fishing!

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