Sunday, March 22, 2009

Windy Trout Trip

Ed Wisniewski's friend Larry Burns was visiting from NE Georgia so they decided to take in a backcountry fishing trip. There wasn't a cloud in the sky as we left the dock at 8am, but the wind was already blowing at least 10mph, and probably more so we headed directly for the Rayonier warehouse to get out of the blow. Throwing jigs with live shrimp, Ed quickly picked up a nice keeper sized trout. We moved around to the pipeline, staying behind the retention pond island and picked up a few more trout, then we headed to Tiger Island to stay out of the wind, which had picked up considerably. Ed ended up hooking up to a fat 18" trout and then he and Larry both caught a few more, along with a couple of Sheepshead and some "baitstealers". With the island blocking the wind, we had a great time as the sun warmed us and made it very comfortable. In addition to seeing a dozen porpoise's, we also saw a sea otter, shore birds and an Osprey with his fresh caught fish. We all noticed that there weren't any boats out and we knew why as we turned the bow of the boat into the wind as we headed back to the dock!

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