Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jennings Fishing Trip

Caroline Jennings and her family were staying at Summer Beach Resorts here on Amelia Island and took in a fishing trip with me yesterday. In addition to Caroline and her son Charlie, we had brother-in-law Sam and his two kids Caroline and Jack and we also had grandmother.....Caroline. The sun was out and the weather was warm as we left the dock at 11:30AM but the wind was already up to 15mph out of the southwest so we headed up Bell River to the docks of Pirates Woods in hopes that the tree line would block the wind - and it did, somewhat! All bait shops were out of live shrimp so we were fishing with mud minnows. With only a few casts, Sam hooked up to something big and the fight was on. After some drag ripping runs, we eventually netted a 21"+ Seatrout. All were optimistic that we were in for some serious catching and everyone joined in with rods in the water. We fished and fished and fished and moved from spot to spot (and away from the wind block) and ended up with just some bait stealing action for the rest of the day. As we came out of the Jolley River we were greeted with some rather fierce winds -and salt spray, but the air temperature was still warm and we all survived.

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