Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fish Bite Keeps us Busy

Nathalie Tungesvik had set up an Amelia Island back country fishing trip for her son Michael and cousin Philip.  We met Friday morning at the Atlantic Seafood dock and headed up Lanceford Creek to fish the dock pilings on a falling tide.  We were fishing with a mix of live mud minnows and shrimp, tossing them on jigs up to the dock pilings.  The anglers had some good bites and picked up some hungry Snapper.  We did have one good Slot Red on and almost to the net when it threw the hook and left us staring at the water in disappointment, OUCH!  We headed up to the Jolley River and found a small creek outflow and here the action heated up.  Both Michael and Phillip caught a good handful of feisty Redfish and a few more Snapper.  At another long oyster bank, they again caught Reds, Snapper and Croaker and a hungry Trout.  After I dropped them off at the marina I went back out to get in some Fly Casting but the wind had picked up and was kicking my butt!  I did get to see a submarine heading out to see, which capped off another great day to be out on the water!

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