Thursday, September 13, 2012

Temptation Baits

I got to fish today with Tim Parker, A.B.E. of Temptation Bait's.  He and his brother Brian met me in the dark this morning at the Sawpit Boat ramp at Big Talbot Island Park.  We wanted to get out early so we skipped all live bait and went with some of Tim's new shrimp colored and shrimp flavored ribbed grubs and some topwater lures.  We motored up the Nassau River with the lights on and got to the Horsehead area just as the sun was coming up.  We were fishing over some flooded oyster beds on the last of an incoming tide and Tim was throwing the grubs while Brian and I were tossing topwaters.  Both Tim and Brian hooked up with Trout as we trolled through the area.  We moved on to the mouth of Jackstaff Creek, had no real bites, then eased into a smaller creek and the action heated up.    Brian and Tim again caught a few Trout but when we saw a big boil up near the grass line we all perked up.  After the fish wouldn't eat a topwater, I tossed one of Tim's Temptation Bait 4" Ribbed Shrimp Grub just beyond the boil.  I felt my jig bounce over an oyster, then BOOM!  FISH ON!  And it was a big one!  We fought the fish around the boat a couple of Times but my Shimano CI4 1000 reel and Terramar rod was up for the challenge.  With a lot of coaching we were able to land a 33 1/2" oversized Redfish!  We snapped some pictures and the beast swam off with a strong - and somewhat ticked off - demeanor!  We continued to fish and both Brian and Tim had Redfish hookups.  We added a few keeper sized Trout and a couple of keeper sized Flounder - all on the shrimp flavored Temptation Bait ribbed grubs.  Did I mention we got wet a couple of times from rain showers?  But it was a great day of fishing here at Amelia Island.

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