Monday, January 21, 2013

Now Fishing TFO

The Anglers Mark has new editions to it's equipment list, the TFO spinning rods!  For the light tackle jigging that I love to do here fishing Amelia Island, I've added the Gary Loomis Tactical Series 6'6" Medium spinning rod.  I've put my Shimano Stradic 1000's on these loaded with 10lb braid, tipped with a 14lb flourocarbon leader tied to a 1/4oz jig.  The rod is light and keeps you in touch with the bottom and any slight bump from a fish and it has the backbone to work in even oversized Redfish. For the float rigs I've got the new Gary Loomis Signature Series 7' Medium Heavy spinning rod. On this rod I have the Shimano Stradic 2500 loaded with 15lb braid, a Cajun Thunder float, then a 3' piece of 14lb flourocarbon leader and circle hook.  This rod has the strenght to make those longer casts into the wind with the float rig and gives you immediate hookup when that float goes under!  I'll also be using these whenever I want to toss topwater lures or use a Trout rig setup.  Here's a message from Gary Loomis about the rods:

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