Monday, May 20, 2013

That's a Slam

Overcast skies and a chance of rain this morning didn't deter the Bloom family - Michael and Leslie and their adult children Jordana and Warren.  They met me at the Atlantic Seafood dock down at the Fernandina Beach Harbor Marina early this morning and we pulled out of the marina under grey skies but with very little wind.  The tide had been falling a couple of hours and we made our way up to the Jolley River to fish an oyster lined bank with jigs and shrimp and minnows and crabs and Temptation Baits - basically any thing we could throw at them!  The
fishing started off really well with Leslie hooking up with a hungry Seatrout then Warren caught one, too.  The "Poor Man's Tarpon" - Ladyfish were cruising the bank and Jordana hauled in one, hooking up at boat side.  Both Warren and Leslie caught Ladyfish then Warren had a strong hookup and good battle with a feisty Redfish that we netted, photographed, and released.  Michael was kept busy snapping photographs for a good while there.   We ran up to the MOA spot and although the conditions looked perfect, we couldn't get any fish to eat, not even a 3' Bonnethead that continued to cruise the oyster bed and mock us!  We fished the outside of Snook Creek then headed over to Tiger Island, had no real bites, then made a run to fish the docks of Lanceford where Leslie ensured an Amelia Island Backwater Slam by reeling in a nice Flounder. With that, we called it a day, another great one to be out on Amelia Island waters!

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