Monday, June 17, 2013

2 Slot, 3 Slot

Kelly Haggard was in town with some friends of hers and took in an Amelia Island back country fishing charter on The Anglers Mark this morning.  Her and her friends were staying at the Hampton Inn and Suites which is just across the street from the marina and Atlantic Seafood dock where we met. We ran up to the Jolley River and Kelly tossed a mullet pattern topwater lure on the last of an outgoing tide.  She had one really good blowup but the big Trout missed the bait entirely!  We switched to jigs and shrimp and mud minnows and within minutes she hooked up with a feisty Redfish.  A few minutes later she had TFO Tactical spinning rod and we soon landed a nice Slot Redfish.  Moments later she hooked up with another big Redfish which we photographed and released like the others.  We continued to fish an oyster lined bank and caught numerous Croaker, a hard fighting Puppy (black) Drum.  We had an extended battle with a 3'+ Bonnethead Shark then we moved on up the river, fishing the MOA spots with no real bites then back to Snook Creek where we had more Croaker. Our last stop was at Tiger Island and here Kelly reeled in her 3rd Slot Redfish and she also landed a keeper sized Flounder to round out an Amelia Island Slam of Redfish, Drum and Flounder.  With that, we called it a day, another great one to be out on Amelia Island waters!
another hook up and this time her rod bent over and the drag sang, FISH ON!  She played the fish patiently on her

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