Saturday, February 21, 2015

Big and Bigger

I fished this afternoon with Jeff Kantor, his wife Melinda, and their daughters Chelsey and Shoshana, leaving the docks around 1pm to fish the outgoing tide. We hit a marsh runout a short distance from the marina but had no real bites then we made the run around to Tiger to join a couple of other boats fishing the deep waters. Although the tide was looking good the anglers had to work at it to get a fish. Finally, Jeff knocked the "skunk" off the boat when he
landed a nice hungry Seatrout. But it must have been a scout because we found no more! We continued to work the available bank and after a while the bite turned on. Jeff found a feisty Redfish, then another, then another. The Melinda and Chelsey got in on the action and reeled in a couple themselves. Jeff had a stronger hookup and after a good battle, put a nice 23 1/2" big Slot Red in the boat. After some good action and the tide dropping fast, we made the run around to Eagans Creek to fish some dock pilings. This turned out to be a good move as Melinda hooked up and battled an even bigger 24 1/2" Slot Red. Although water tempertures hovered around 49 all day, the fishing was good which made for another great day here at Amelia Island!

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