Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Battling The Elements

When you get absolutely no wind you'd think fishing would be perfect, right? That's what we had this morning down at Sawpit Creek, but the sand gnats almost carried us off! We eased away from the dock, did the safety orientation on the run, and made our way north to fish Bubblegum Reef on the first of an incoming tide. I had H. Chokshi and his wife May, along with their adult kids Jay and Monica tossing live shrimp and jigs and slowly bumping them back to the boat, but we had no bites, other than the gnats! We made a brief stop at Seymores Pointe, then tried to run down to Broward
Island. Again, the elements were making it a challenge: the fog was so dense I had to idle along at 5mph for 3/4 of the way. We finally came out of it and went full throttle to fish the island. It was Jay's first cast when BOOM! FISH ON! He played the fish patiently to the boat and landed a nice Redfish. We had a really good flurry of fish catching for about an hour with everyone catching Reds and Seatrout. Monica reeled in both a red and Trout, and her dad Chokshi did, too. Jay put a Slot Red in the boat and May wrapped the trip up with the final Redfish. Even though the elements were against us, memories were made fishing here at Amelia Island!

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