Friday, June 19, 2015

Shark Frenzy

We had a beautiful morning today when I met Nick Ferguson and his friend Miranda and their friend Joe down at the City marina. We headed north to make our first stop at Tiger Island, fishing jigs and shrimp on the bottom as the tide came in. It was perfect conditions and as the anglers worked the bank Joe finally had a hookup and landed a nice Sheepshead. Later, Nick had a good bite and after fighting the fish patiently, landed a nice feisty Redfish. We then ran up to the Jolley River, fished the "bank",  fought off pesky Croaker,
then moved further up the river and into a large creek. It didn't take long for the bite to go off. Miranda was now on a float rig and when her line began to rip, we felt confident she had a shark. She played the fish patiently and as she battled it, Joe had a hookup at the stern and he too had a shark on. We had a double! They both did great and landed the two shark for pictures and release. From then on we had good bites with all three angles putting multiple shark in the boat, in addition to a hungry Seatrout which gave the trio and Amelia Island back country Slam of Sheepshead, Red Drum and
Seatrout. We made a run back to the outside of Tiger, fished a while, then eased in closer to Tiger where both Miranda and Joe had Seatrout catches. With that, we called it a day, another great one to be fishing Amelia Island waters!

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