Tuesday, December 29, 2015

She Called For a Mud Minnow

I fished with Jesse Tanner and his family, splitting a 3/4 day trip to get 3 of the family out early then another 3 out for the 2nd stage of the trip. Jesse, Steve and Davis met me early at the City boat ramp and we headed up to Egans Creek to fish some dock pilings as the tide came in. It took a few casts with jigs and shrimp but eventually the trio began to catch fish. Jesse knocked the skunk off when he put a feisty Redfish in the boat then Steve followed it up with a nice Slot 22" Redfish (all fish were released today). They had a couple
more of strong hookups with one of them ripping drag and breaking itself off in the pilings. Our next stop was around at Tiger Island and things heated up. Both Steve and Jesse put some nice keeper sized Seatrout in the boat and a couple of keeper sized Flounder to round out a double Amelia Island Back Country Slam. Davis had had some good bites, picked up a small Trout then his perseverance paid off when he put a nice keeper sized Trout, one of the biggest of the morning. We dropped off this crew then picked up the 2nd set of anglers - Denny, Rowan and Allison. We needed to replenish our
bait and after that we cruised over to the outside of Tiger and set up over some flooded oyster beds. Dennis picked up a keeper sized Trout right off and later Rowan got her first fish, an hungry Trout. Allison had a few bites but no takers so she called for a Mud Minnow to try. When she yelled, "FISH ON" I thought for sure she had hung up in some oysters but she said it was pulling back! Sure enough, BIG FISH ON! She played the fish perfectly, fighting it from starboard to port off the stern of the boat and after a good battle, landed a big 25" Slot Redfish, the biggest of the day! We fished the area thoroughly picked up another Trout or two, then crossed over to fish a creek mouth. Both Allison and Denny caught Trout, Denny's on a jig and shrimp down deep. We fished Tiger Island and picked one more Trout, fished an oyster bed over in Bell River, then headed in, counting it as another great day to be fishing Amelia Island waters.

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Jesse said...

What an absolute blast we had fishing and pleasure it was to be guided by Captain Piper!