Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jack Attack

Even though the weather forecast called for high winds today, it also called for sunny skies and mild temperatures so, we went fishing!  I met the Stein group, Zach and Emily, along with Joe and Ellina, down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp for an early morning run up the Amelia River with plans to dip into a small creek and fish float rigs and live shrimp on an outgoing tide. The wind was already over 10mph and rising, but these anglers were game and were slinging their rigs into the wind. We had one good bite at the
first stop before we crossed over he creek and eased along the shoreline. Zach had made a good cast up near the grass line when his float disappeared and, FISH ON!  This was a hard fighting fish and ripped some drag out, then it took Zach from the stern to the bow and around the trolling motor. But Zach kept the pressure on and soon landed a nice Jack Crevalle. Boy that was a fight! We ran through Horsehead and over to some docks at Seymore's Pointe. The ladies stayed with the float rigs while Zach and Joe took the stern and tossed jigs. Again, Zach hooked up, had a crazy battle, and landed another Jack. After he put one more of these hard
fighting fish in the boat, we began to work down the dock line. Ellina had a good bite and she too did the cirle around the boat, fighting a big fish. She played the fish perfectly and landed another big Jack Crevalle.  Zach went back to the float rig and worked the grass line while the others tossed jigs. He lost a couple of shrimp to nibblers then when his float went under again he was ready and firmly lifted his rod tip, and FISH ON!  This was a nice fish but wasn't making the runs like the Jacks. Zach worked the fish in patiently and landed a nice Slot sized 22" Redfish. Now that's a nice
(edible) fish! We thought we might fish on the other side of Seymore's  but the wind was really blowing. But we stayed long enough for Joe to get one cast up near the rocks and even as we were getting ready to leave he hooked up with a float rig and had his rod bend double. Joe kept the pressure on and slowly worked the fish in and eventually landed a nice feisty Redfish. We left that area right after that and went back to the other side of Seymore's and here Emily put the biggest fish of the day in the boat. It was another hard running, drag ripping fish and had no plans to be caught but Emily had it's number. Even though it wrapped itself around a piling, she kept the pressure on and after we got the rod handed around the piling she worked it out into deeper water and landed another big Jack,  now that was a battle! With that, we called it a day, another great (albeit windy) one to be fishing here at Amelia Island.

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