Monday, July 11, 2016

Slot Reds and a Grande Slam

I fished north of the island today, meeting Dennis Brown and his sons Jeb and Sam down at the City marina. We had about an hour and a half of an outgoing tide remaining so we ran over to Eagans Creek to fish some dock pilings with jigs and shrimp and mud minnows. I think it was Jeb's first cast and he hooked up and landed a keeper sized Seatrout! Now that 's the way to start a trip. We continued to fish - Dennis picked up a feisty Black Drum and Sam landed another Trout. We worked the docks up and down and was
about to leave when Sam had a strong bite and, FISH ON! He played the fish patiently and after a good battle, landed a nice Slot Sized Redfish. Then it was FISH ON! for a while! Sam had another Slot Redfish then Jeb got in on the action and landed the biggest of the day, a 24.5" Red. Dennis had a big one on too, but it through the hook after an extended battle, but he came back and got his Slot Red catch. We caught a keeper sized Flounder to make it an Amelia Island Back Country Grande Slam of Seatrout, Black Drum, Red Drum and Flounder, and added a couple of smaller Reds, too. When the bite finally slowed we ran around and into the Jolley River, fished Snook Creek with no real bites (other than some Shark sitings) then we finished the day up at Jolley Bank, catching more fish. The trio of anglers landed Trout, Flounder, a whole bunch of small Reds, and then Jeb put another Slot Red into the  boat. Sam tangled twice with Lady Fish and somewhere in there Dennis tangled with a Jack Crevalle. It was a super "Fish Catching" day and another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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