Monday, August 1, 2016

Big Jacks Get Things Going

Back to work today! I met Edward Hadley and his son Cooper down at the south end and with the beautiful weather holding, we went fishing! After running north up the Intercoastal and dipping in to Jackstaff, we peeled off into a side creek and began fishing the flooded marsh grass on the last of an incoming tide. Both Edward and Cooper were tossing float rigs with live mud minnows up near the grass with Edward on the bow and Cooper at the stern and it was Cooper that picked up the first couple of fish, big, hard fighting Jack Crevalle. But Cooper was up to the fight and handily played
and landed some pretty big fish, for light tackle. Then Edward joined in when he too caught a big Jack. We crossed the creek and switched to jig and minnows and after a bit Edward had a strange bite, a hookup, and a sluggish fight. When it came to the surface we netted a nice keeper sized Flounder. We ran around to the Nassau River and fished some dock pilings and the two anglers "played chess" with some sneaky Mangrove Snapper. We called it a draw then ran east down the river to Twin Creeks. Here, things heated  up as the tide started out. They landed a couple of feisty Redfish, a couple of Trout (to round out their Amelia Island Back Country Slam) and another small Flounder. We made one final stop down at Spanish Drop, picked up a couple of more Reds, a couple of more Trout, then Edward wrapped things up we he boated another keeper sized Flounder, making it another great day to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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