Friday, November 11, 2016

Drum Line

We had a drop in temperature this morning, down in the mid 40's, which made for a cool first run! I had met Randy Allen and his granddaughter Emily down at the City marina early today and we headed up to the Bell River to fish some docks with the tide having been going out for a couple of hours. Randy and Emily were tossing jigs and shrimp and getting a "bump" now and then but we also had a "slip" float out, drifting deep and that was the rig that picked up our first Trout, which Emily reeled in expertly. So both anglers began to toss up current and letting their bait bounce back slowly and they began to catch Trout. They had a good handful of 14 3/4" Trout and one of keeper size. We eased back to another dock, fished it briefly, then ran around to fish the mouth of Snook Creek
with float rigs. Although the wind wasn't blowing hard, it was just enough and right in our faces to make fishing the floats difficult. We switched back to jigs - the oysters were showing anyway - and first cast, BOOM, Randy had a Trout. But after that, we had just a few bites, but  no takers. We back tracked down Jolley and fished the MOA for the first time in months and this did the trick. Randy was on the bow fishing the exposed oysters and BOOM! Big fish on! He played it patiently, working it away from the oysters and when it got deep and back in the current he took his time and worked it in to the net slowly - a nice 20" Black not so puppy "puppy" Drum. After pictures, he went back to the same spot and over and over hooked up with Black Drum, finding a handful of small ones and four more 20"er's. Emily was catching fish too! She was back at the stern and was fishing the back of the oysters and she was catching Redfish and Black Drum (getting an Amelia Island Back Country Slam). She had no problems working the fish in, lifting up and reeling down, and caught many fish like a pro. When the bite finally slowed, we ran around and fished the back side of Tiger Island. The tide was right at the bottom and we were only getting nibbles when Randy had a weird bite. The fish didn't fight too hard initially, then when it wanted to stay deep, Randy applied some pressure then had a fight on his hands! He kept the pressure on and after a good battle landed a 22 1/2" Seatrout to which put him squarely in the lead of the Anglers Mark 2016 Bragging Rights Tournament - Seatrout Category(scroll down the right side of this report for standings). We fished another pocket or two, then headed in, counting it as another great day for fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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