Saturday, June 10, 2017

Using Up The Bait

Thank goodness for Mangrove Snapper this time of  year! We had an absolutely beautiful morning today to fish when I met David  O'Flynn and his friends Lucas and Ryan down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp early this morning. We headed up the Nassau River, spun around, and began to fish some flooding shell beds with jigs and live shrimp and minnows. The conditions were almost perfect but I don't know if the heavy rains or the full moon affected the bite because fish catching was slooooow. Lucas did find a high flying Ladyfish along the first stretch, and picked up another one as we bounced north up the river.

We made a run around and up into Christopher Creek, fished it pretty good, and finally the guy withthe hot rod, Lucas, hooked up and, FISH ON! He played it patiently and perfectly and soon landed a nice Slot sized Redfish, finally! We actually worked the same area twice, got no more bites, then ran down to Broward Island to fish the very last of an incoming tide, a tide that I don't normally fish there at the island.

But it paid off when David went in deep to the shore and BOOM! He had a  hookup. He worked the fish in slowly, kept the pressure on, and soon landed another nice Slot Redfish. We fished the island for a while, had a couple of bumps but no takers, then ran back towards the ramp, making one final stop at some structure.

We had all switched to float rigs and live shrimp and although it took a few minutes, the Mangrove Snapper went into a frenzy of biting and we blew through the bait, catching one after the other, most of them being of keeper size. As we hit bottom on bait I dug out some dead stuff I had from the day before and we blew through that, too. Although they weren't big, big fish (12"), it was fun to fish 'em and finally we ran out of bait, called it a day, and counted it as another great day to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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