Saturday, August 5, 2017

Big Trout To Start

For August, it's not a bad fishing trip when you have overcast skies and just a slight breeze and only one little sprinkle throughout the day. That's what we had yesterday when I fished with Mike Houston, his daughter Catherine, and his son-in-law Max when I met them down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp. We made the quick run up to Jackstaff and into a smaller creek to set up at an outflow and the very first of an outgoing tide.

I think it was the first real cast with a mud minnow under a float that garnered a hungry Seatrout, one that Mike expertly reeled in. And that was it!  We worked the bank slowly with the float rigs, had a nibble here and there, then crossed over to fish the mouth of Jackstaff, sticking with the floats for a while. When the produced nothing, we switched Max to a jig and minnow and BOOM! Big Fish On!  He played it patiently - we were all guessing big Redfish - but when he brought it to the surface we saw that it was Big
Trout!  He worked it slowly to the net and landed a nice 22" Seatrout. Boy what a fish! 

All three anglers went to jigs and began to catch fish. Both Mike and Catherine put feisty Redfish in the boat, Mike added a couple, and they tangled with some high flying Ladyfish. We had a good flurry of catching fish. Our next stop was around and down at Spanish Drop in the Nassau River where we again picked up some feisty Redfish.

We hit Seymore's Pointe, landed some really nice Mangrove Snapper (12"-14",  then wrapped things up at some docks where we picked up a couple of more Snapper. And with that, we called it a day, another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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