Monday, January 22, 2018

Great Start After Bad Weather

Although the river was socked in with fog as we started out this morning, Bob Blalock and I both had a feeling we might have some good fishing today. We met out at the Goffinsville Park boat ramp and after leaving the dock, crept through the fog, all the way down to Broward Island. After I got the boat locked in on anchor, Bob made his first cast up along side a downed log and...BOOM! Redfish on! Now that's the way to start a fishing trip. Bob was fishing with a 1/4oz jig and live shrimp and making excellent casts to the logs and it paid off. We picked up 3-4 small Reds then a nice keeper sized 17" Seatrout.

As things slowed we moved up the bank, working the logs and when Bob hooked up again and his drag began to rip we new this was a bigger fish, and boy was it! The fish ran deep and under the boat - I was too busy filming but eventually moved the boat to catch up to the fish. Bob worked it patiently and soon landed an oversized 28.5" Redfish (the biggest of the year - and it kicks off  the 2018 Anglers Mark Bragging Rights Tournament). We continued to fish and shortly after Bob put a 25.5" Slot fish in the boat, then a 20" Slot fish and I added a 19.5" Slot Red. 

When things finally slowed we ran back and around to Seymore's Pointe and fished some docks, picking up another feisty Redfish. The sun was getting up and the day had turned out really beautiful and we had one more stop to make, this one back at Christopher Creek. Bob pitched up between some docks and pulled out on Red then further around found one more Red up near a small stump. And with that, we called it a day, another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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