Sunday, July 7, 2019

Good Week of Fishing after Engine Troubles

I spent about two agonizing weeks down with engine troubles but I was able to get back on the water this past Monday for a full week of fishing and we had some pretty good days out on the water. When asked, I tell people that we're catching fish and we're catching some good fish. We're not having one of those "banner days" where you just get bite after bite after bite, but we've managed to put together some nice trips and had a good time out on the water.

On Monday I fished with Mason Bishop and his buddy Brad and picked up some nice Seatrout fishing a high and still incoming tide. We dipped into Christopher Creek and Mason put a nice Slot Redfish in the boat. That high incoming tide has always been tough for me but I'm figuring it out!

The next day the tide was high just one hour later. Len Pelletier had his son Scott and grandson Kevin visiting. We met down at the South end at Sawpit Creek and fished mostly float rigs with shrimp and minnows. Young Kevin picked up a really nice Seatrout in addition to others.

I met Dennis and Carol West up at the Dee Dee Bartels Park on
Wednesday and we had a really good day of catching Seatrout on those higher tides.  You need to be up close to the grass, preferably drifting your bait over oysters and hit those ambush points.

I didn't fish on the 4th of July! I've got to where I don't fish any of
the holidays - the boat ramp is crazy enough as it is!  On Friday I met Dennis and Alicia Penick, their son Parker, and nephew Jack down at the south end. Having a later high tide seemed to help the fish catching! Parker got hot early, catching some nice Trout then Dan picked up a Slot Red over some shell. Jack made a pinpoint
cast to a marsh runout, we saw the fish take the bait, and BOOM! Big Fish on! Jack played it perfectly but that fish had dug it's nose down into the oysters and eventually, BAP! fish off! But Jack persevered and came back an picked up a nice Trout later in the trip.

We wrapped the week up yesterday with some BIG fish! I had met James and Meagan Broom up at the Dee Dee Bartels Park and after making our fist stop over at Tiger Island where Meagan "knocked the  skunk off" with a Flounder catch, we made our way up to the Jolley River and fished the "bank". The duo caught a Trout, fishing jigs and minnows, then James had a strong bite and, Fish On!  It was ripping drag and I was thinking Redfish but when I saw it flash in the water I saw that it was a big Seatrout. James played it perfectly and soon landed a 21.5
each fish.  Just a tad bit later, BOOM! Bigger fish on!  This one went deep, ripped drag, stayed deep, and took some patience. But James was up to the task and battled a stout 26.5" "tournament Redfish" to the net, boy what fish. The duo later put a couple of keeper sized Flounder in the boat and Meagan wrapped things up with a keeper sized Seatrout.

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