Best Ever

Breakline Polarized Sunglasses
You need to try a pair of these Breakline Polarized Sunglasses! They're comfortable to wear, have a clear lenses and are very competitively priced. Breakline's collections are comprised of top-notch lightweight sunglasses that are ideal to people who fish in open waters, backwater bays and rivers. Moreover, their durable custom Italian frames and Z-920 lenses by Zeiss have a revolutionary total lifetime warranty, including loss replacement.

Waxhead Sun Protection
Waxhead was created for surfers, boaters, anglers, golfers and coastal crusaders. They make their products with carefully chosen ingredients and materials, friendly to humans, our waters and our earth alike. Using Waxhead Sun Protection, I've found that I don't get burned like I was with my old "sunscreen". And one huge benefit - it doesn't burn your eyes when sweat invariably get's in your eyes!

Outdoor Gear
Filson has been around for over a hundred years and the quality and durability of their apparel and accessories shows. Filson products are made from the best materials obtainable. Whether you're planning that hunting, camping, or fishing trip of a life time or just want to wear the best, choose Filson!

Gator Lures
 I really like Gator Lures weedless spoon with a tail for fishing the marsh grass for tailing Redfish with a spinning rod. It will cast a mile with braided line and fluorocarbon leader and it's weedless so you can work it through the grass! Toss it out there in front of a tailing fish and work it sloooowwly! Ask for them at Amelia Island Bait and Tackle or purchase them online.

Hammer Stahl Filet Knife
I've gone through a whole bunch of fillet knives in the last 10 years and finally found one that won't pit after cleaning a few Redfish!  This  Hammer Stahl Filet Knife holds it's edge for well over a year. All I do is swipe it over a steel a few times and it's ready to go. It's sleek and looks impressive, too!  You can buy 3-4 cheapo knives or just one last will last a long time.

Vegi Omelet!
I know, I know...what does it have to do with fishing? Well if  you're
getting a late start (they open at 7am) before you get out and fish, or maybe you've gotten rained out, stop in at Ms. Carolyn's on Sadler Road and try out their Vegi Omelet. I tend to get vegi omelet's at breakfast when we go to restaurants and I have to say that Ms. Carolyn's is THE BEST EVER!

Pimento Cheese
Yes, still on food. I discovered this stuff up in the mountains of north Georgia and it was addicting. When I got back to Florida I tracked it down and now it's a staple in the fridge. The jalapeno version is my favorite. My wife couldn't find it one day so she brought home an off brand. After a few bites we trashed it. This
Palmetto Cheese is the Best Ever. Try it. You won't go back.


Tina Elmore said...

The Palmetto Cheese pimento cheese with Jalapenos is the best!

lucy said...

Best Fillet Knives