Monday, July 9, 2012

Big Reds Keep on Coming

BJ and Jeanne Craig were taking a break by camping at Little Talbot Island Park and scheduled to meet me at Big Talbot boat ramp for a morning of backcountry fishing on The Anglers Mark this morning.  We headed up the Nassau River on the very last of an outgoing tide and stopped to fish one oyster outcrop that was loaded with moving bait.  BJ had one hookup with a high flying Ladyfish but that was all we found.  Our next stop was at Bubblegum Reef on the very first of an incoming tide.  I set the Minnkota I-Pilot to anchor just north of the structure and we began to toss mud minnows on jigs, letting them sink to the bottom before bumping them back.  It wasn't long before BJ had a strong bite and his rod bent, FISH ON!  He played the fish perfectly and when the big fish made a run at the stucture, he was able to turn him and keep him out in open water.  The fish took BJ from bow to stern and back but we eventually netted this "Tournament Red", a 26 1/4" beast!  We continued to fish the area, picking up a couple of more small Reds and small Trout when once again, FISH ON!  This one was even bigger and bulled down deep, but BJ kept the pressure on and after a couple of trips around the boat, landed a fatter, 26 3/4" Tournament Red!  We fished the spot for a while, then made a run to Broward Island to fish the exposed logs and stumps.  Here, the anglers picked up a couple of more "rat" Reds, a few small Trout and then a keeper sized Trout.  BJ had something on that was big and battled it for a good while, but this one was not to be!  After fishing Jackstaff Creek and picking up a few more fish, we headed in, counting it as another great day to be on Amelia Island waters .

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