Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Adventure Eco Tour Nets Blue Crabs

I had the pleasure of giving Robin Killeen and her friends an adventure eco tour boat ride yesterday out of Fernandina Beach harbor on Amelia Island.  We eased out of the marina and moved over to the marsh line and dropped a couple of baited crab traps.  Mixing in some history, we toured Old Town Fernandina,  the Pogey plant,  Fort Clinch, and Cumberland Island.  We did spot a small herd of wild horses on Cumberland before we trolled up into the interior of Cumberland's Beach Creek.  Before making a pass of Tiger Island I ran up into a back water creek to release some live shrimp and mud minnows that I had on board from a previous fishing trip.  Our last stop was back at the crab traps where each trap yielded a lively Blue Crab!  It was cold all afternoon but these visitors were prepared with warm jackets and blankets to spend a beautiful couple of hours out on Amelia Island waters!

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