Sunday, February 10, 2013

This and That Report

I fished this weekend by myself and tried a few things that I don't normally do, even getting in some whiting fishing.   The sun was out and made for a beautiful day on shore but the wind was howling out on the water so I tended to anchor up and fish a spot before moving on.  At my first spot in Bell River I didn't get anything but I did get to eat my Firehouse Sub sandwhich!  I went in behind Tiger Island and there were already two boats there getting shelter from the wind.  I moved down to the southern end and tossed a jig with live shrimp to the downed logs and picked up a  few Seatrout down on the bottom.  I noticed a family fishing in the center part of the island and they were using large Trout floats fished deep with live shrimp and seemed to be doing very well deep catching Trout.  I moved on up into the Jolley River and found a point out of the wind and picked up a couple of whiting out deep with a fish finder rig.  I also had 3 feisty little shark hookups.    Later, after I had cleaned and put away my boat my wife and I met friends out at Shuckers Oyster Bar for some fried grouper fingers.  They had fished earlier that morning at the first of an incoming tide and had just a few bites here and there but they did have a good hookup and after and extended battle brought to net a 26 3/4" Slot Redfish!  They were in the backwaters of the Nassau River.

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