Friday, March 11, 2016

Tough Morning of Fishing

You just can't ever tell. We had a beautiful morning greet us today - clear skies, no wind, mild temperatures and I felt sure we'd have a good day of fish catching. My anglers - John Alexander, his son Nolan, and his dad Al all met me at the Atlantic Seafood dock - three generations of anglers. We headed up to Tiger Island to fish the logs on a tide that had been coming in for a few hours. We were tossing live shrimp on a jig and this trio were making excellent casts, but although we had few nibbles, there were no takers. We came back outside and fished the now flooded marsh line with float
rigs and here Nolan and I both saw a huge tail at the edge of the grass but it didn't eat what we were offering. We hit Nissen's spot and again no bites. I ran back through Tiger and around to Bell River and finally we had a hit - John knocked the skunk off with a nice hungry Seatrout catch. He picked up a few more as we worked the edge then Nolan picked one up too. We worked that area thoroughly then ran around to Lanceford Creek, fished a grass flat, then wrapped it up at one of the docks in Lanceford.  It was a beautiful day for three generations to get out on the water, albeit a slow fish catching day.

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