Sunday, June 5, 2016

Big Shark Fight Highlite of Trip

With plans to fish the calm before the storm, I met Dale and Charlotte Cathell down at the City marina this morning and after a brief safety orientation, we headed north to the outside of Tiger Island on the last of an incoming tide. The two anglers were tossing live shrimp under floats to the flooding marsh grass and when Dale hooked up we knew immediately that it was a big fish - his drag ripped out as the fish went one way then the other. But Dale patiently applied the pressure, keeping his rod up and letting the
bend in the rod do all the work. We chased it a couple of times and as Dale worked it to the boat I could easily see with my new Breakline Sunglasses he had a big Bonnethead Shark - fun to catch! Dale worked it patiently to the boat and when it came along side we saw that it was a 4'+ Bonnethead Shark, fairly big for the light tackle that we use on the Anglers Mark. After releasing the fish we continued to work the marsh grass and Charlotte got on the board with a feisty Black "puppy" Drum catch. We crossed the creek and worked another bank and the two anglers had a good flurry of Seatrout catching. The tide was beginning to flood the grass so we spent some time hunting Redfish tails. Although there were plenty of mullet entering the grass, we saw only one Red tail and it didn't stay visible but for a few seconds. We ran through Tiger Basin and over to Bell River, fished some more flooding grass then wrapped up the day over in Lanceford Creek. It was a beautiful day to be out fishing here at Amelia Island. The "bite" wasn't on fire but it's always nice to be out on the water.

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