Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Best Sunglasses Ever!

Wow! You know how when you slip on a pair of new shoes and they just fit perfectly and
your feet go AAAHHH?  Or when you find a nice jacket and it fits just right and you think, "man this feels good"? Well that's how I felt when I slipped on my new pair of Breakline Polarized Sunglasses!  My eyes went "AAHHHH"!  Their polycarbonate lens make them very light on your face and I could tell immediately that my vision was crisp and clear and that my eyes were protected from the sun. My eyes actually relaxed! I spend over 200 days on the water a year and I've got to have a good pair of sunglasses. I went with the Cahaba in tortoise with a bronze lens and they look and feel great!

More from Breakline:
Breakline products are built to last and designed to improve your outdoor lifestyle. Through innovative polarized lens technology, you will see that we truly offer the best polarized sunglasses in the fishing and outdoor industry. Our Z-920 polarized lenses possess similar advantages to glass, such as scratch resistance and optimal clarity, but with the lower price of polycarbonate you get ultra lightweight sunglasses for a much better cost than glass! We challenge you to compare our polarized sunglasses to anyone else in the fishing industry. All our lenses have coatings to enhance your vision and product durability. Our lifetime warranty including loss prevention is revolutionary.

                                                Click on each picture and see the difference!

Without Breakline Sunglasses                                                                  With Breakline Sunglasses

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