Friday, April 24, 2015

Beautiful but Windy Day

I fished today with Charles Lynn and his buddy Julianne, visiting from the Columbus, Georgia area, and we met down at the Big Talbot Island Park boat ramp. The wind was already kicking a little bit but we had sunny skies and a baitwell full of live shrimp, so we headed up the Nassau River to make our first stop at Bubblegum Reef.  We probably shouldn't have shook our fists at the wind when the two anglers both put nice fat Seatrout in the boat in just a few minutes! We move over to some docks, fished the pilings, had a
strong hookup, but had no fish, and the wind was now kicking our butts. We moved around to the east side of a land mass and it was like night and day  being out of the wind! Although the conditions were great, we only landed a mud fish. We fished the barge at Nassauville, had no luck, then ran down to Broward Island. Charles picked up a Sheepshead and then had another strong bite, but it broke the line at the leader, and that was the last of our chances there. Again, the wind was buffeting us to the shoreline, so we ran back to the lee side of a land mass, fished briefly, then headed in, counting it as beautiful day to be out on the water, albeit a very windy one!

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