Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fighting Off Jack Crevalle

I had the pleasure of fishing with Wes and Mary Beth Metheney again, along with Steve Collins, Mary Beth's brother. We met at the Atlantic Seafood dock yesterday afternoon but elected to run south to the Horsehead area and the mouth of Jackstaff. Although we had what I thought was a good tide - the last of an outgoing, we had no real bites on our jig and shrimp combo. We crossed over, fished a sandbar point then headed around to fish Bubblegum Reef on the very first of the incoming tide. We got into some real action here!
Mary Beth had a strong hookup and battled what turned out to be a hard fighting Jack Crevalle. Then she landed another, and maybe another. The two male anglers were feeling left out until Wes got in on the action and caught a big Jack of his own. Then we landed a small Seatrout and had another strong hookup. Steve was on the rod and fought the big fish patiently and when it came to the surface we were glad to see a big 24" Black "puppy" Drum. We picked up another Jack or two then moved to some dock pilings where once again we found some big Jack Crevalle's. I know we had two on at one time, twice - "doubles" - which made for some excitement.  We gestimated that we had about 12 Jacks and after Wes picked up a Flounder, we ran around to Broward Island where the trio landed a few feisty Redfish, a Sheepshead, and another Trout. On the way to Broward we passed two Bald Eagles who had posted themselves on perches in the marsh. The sun was heading down,  they breeze was just right and we headed in, passing pod after pod of dolphin so we counted it as another great day to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Flordia!

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