Friday, July 31, 2015

A Smattering of Everything

I had the pleasure of fishing with Zach Peyton and his dad Bob again today, leaving out of the the City marina early this morning and heading south to fish the Horsehead area on the last few hours of an incoming tide. We eased up into a creek and began to toss live shrimp and mud minnows under float rigs and things started out great when Bob had a strong bite and landed a feisty Jack Crevalle and shortly after that Zach caught a hungry Seatrout. We fished that bank thoroughly, had a few bites but no more takers, then crossed the creek to fish another bank but the fish weren't home. We made the run around to Nassau River, set up with heavy bottom rigs and began chumming with Pogies, hoping for  a Tarpon. After about 45 minutes we had nothing to show for it until Bob detected a bite, set the hook, and reeled in a small Hammerhead Shark. We ran down to Christopher Creek, fished some rocks with jigs and float rigs, then made our way back to Seymore's Pointe and back to float rigs. Here, things heated up - Zack put a couple of keeper sized Mangrove Snapper in the boat then Bob added one, two. Bob tangled with a couple of high flying Ladyfish and managed to keep one on the hook for photograph and release. Our next stop was some docks on the north end of Seymore's and here both Bob and Zach landed Seatrout. Our final stop was back at Jackstaff and just as we were running out of bait, Zach had a strong bite. He played the big fish patiently and...then Bob had a hookup, we had a double! Zach worked his fish to the boat and landed a Slot sized Redfish then Bob put is in the boat, another Red. That was a great way to wrap up another good day of fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida!

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