Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Somewhat Breezy Today

We had a stiffer breeze today which kinda helped with the heat. I Had met Bill Kennedy, his son Scott and son-in-law Ricky down at the Atlantic Seafood dock and we headed up the Bell River to fish a flooded oyster bed with the tide still coming in. It took a while but Bill found a honey hole and pulled a few small, but hungry Seatrout out of it. We made a run through Tiger, around to Tiger Island and there were charter boats everywhere! So we kept going up to the Jolley River and fished the "bank". Here, both Scott and Bill found
Seatrout along the bank as they tossed mud minnows under floats up the the marsh grass. Scott landed a Bluefish as Ricky tangled with a Ladyfish. We moved further up the river, fished another line of marsh grass, tossing into the wind and then all of a sudden Ricky hooked up with a nice fish, then Scott did too! Both patiently worked their fish to the boat and each landed keeper sized Seatrout,. Shortly after that, Ricky's float disappeared up near the grass and, FISH ON! This was a much bigger fish. It zipped back and forth across the submerged oysters and once even ran up into the grass. But Ricky kept the pressure on  and worked it out. He played the fish back to the boat then it ran deep then around the bow. But after a good battle Ricky landed a nice 23" Slot sized Redfish. After fishing the area thoroughly we ran around to Bell River, fished some docks with jig rods and here Scott hooked up and landed another Slot Redfish. Ricky wrapped it up when he put another hungry Seatrout in the boat,. With that, we called it  day, another great one to be fishing Amelia Island waters.


Richard Wright said...

We went Sunday and caught nothing but rock bass. Very small.

Richard Wright said...

We were up by the rocks at the fern. Pier.