Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Hat and Howler Monkeys

The Maron's were back in town  this week, Mike and Shannon along with their "kids" Haley and Libby and Troy. We fished yesterday afternoon, meeting at the City marina and making our first run up to Tiger Island. But when we got there we found that there were already two boats fishing the area so we found a spot south of the island, fished it for a while, had few bites, then continued on to Jolley River. We started south of the "bank",  tossing mud minnows under floats to the bank, and worked the whole stretch with not a whole lot of luck. Then Haley, wearing her new "gilligan" hat,  tossed her bait to a small marsh runout an when her float disappeared we new she had the first fish of the day.When the drag began to rip we knew she had a big fish! She had fought it for a while before I got a video rolling and with her mom filming, Haley patiently worked the fish to the boat. It turned out to be a big, oversized 27.5" Redfish with nine spots, boy what a fish! After the
fish was photographed and released, Mike went back to the same spot, had a strong bite, missed it, then went back and caught another Redfish. Then Libby went in with her offering and I saw the float disappear then zip across the water, FISH ON! Libby played the fish like a pro and soon landed a nice, keeper sized Seatrout. The anglers picked up another Redfish here before we moved on up the river to fish another flooded marsh line. After working that bank thoroughly, we ran back to the outside of Tiger Island. Within seconds of getting the lines out, floats started disappearing regularly! Seatrout, Seatrout, Seatrout, Blue, Seatrout, Blue, Seatrout, Seatrout....It was over an hour of fish catching. They picked up one more keeper Trout and Troy added a couple that were just shy of the mark.  In order to get more distance in their cast, the Maron Trio had come up with a new technique which they dubbed the "Howler Monkey" cast.  It's kinda hard to describe so you'll have to watch the video!

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