Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Fish Here and a Fish There

I also did an afternoon trip today, fishing with Wes Methaney and his wife Mary Beth. The wind had picked up somewhat out of the South East so we made our first stop down at the Rayonier warehouse to fish with jigs on the very last of an outgoing tide. Mary Beth kept up her record of being the first to put a fish in the boat when she landed a hungry Seatrout. Our next stop was around behind Tiger with plans to fish the first of the incoming tide. Boy was it a low tide! We barely scraped across the entrance, kicking up sand as we went but when we got to the deep side of the island we
were able to fish some seriously exposed logs. Wes had quickly got the knack for detecting the subtle bite of the Black "puppy" Drum and landed a couple while were there. We also had a good strong bite and hookup. Wes played it patiently and perfectly and landed a feisty Redfish. Trying to take advantage of the wind block, we stayed behind the island for a while but eventually we made our way out and back to Eagans Creek.  Fishing jigs to the bank, Mary Beth made an excellent cast to a small marsh run out and hooked up with a nice sized Seatrout to wrap the day up.

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