Thursday, April 28, 2016

Great Fishing to Wrap The Week Up

We've had great fishing weather all the week and for the most part, the fish have cooperated!  Reggie Mason had lined up an early morning trip today so he sent his daughter Khaliah, her boyfriend Jake, and their friends Herbert and Robert to fish the back waters of Amelia Island on the Angler's Mark. We launched out of the Dee Dee Bartels boat ramp and headed over to Tiger Island to fish the very first of an incoming tide. Herbert started things off by landing a nice keeper sized Seatrout then all the anglers joined in. Both Jake and Khaliah landed some feisty Black "puppy" Drum then Jake had
a strong hookup, a good battle, and after expertly playing the fish, landed a nice 19" Slot sized Redfish! We fished the island up and down, picked up another smaller but feisty Trout, then made the run over to Eagans Creek to fish some dock pilings.  Jake and Robert stayed with the jig and shrimp combo while Khaliah and Herbert fished deep slip floats drifted by some docks. Both had bites from time to time then Khaliah hooked up and landed a nice keeper sized Seatrout.  Fishing the dock pilings with jigs produced another
strong hookup - this time Robert was on the rod and he worked in another Slot Sized Redfish. We eased down the docks with the tide and when Khaliah's float drifted by the end of one and went down, she lifted her rod, set the hook and FISH ON! This was a big fish and it was ripping drag!  But it was no match for Khaliah and she applied the pressure, keeping her rod tip up and slowly working the fish in. After a good battle she brought to the boat and landed a fat
20" Seatrout, man what a fish! We worked further down and Jake's rod heated up when he landed a couple of smaller but hungry Seatrout. Our last stop was over at the Jolley River and even though I thought the bite would be better, Khaliah did wrap things up by catching one more Trout with minutes to spare, making it another great day to be fishing Amelia Island waters.

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