Sunday, April 24, 2016

Not One But Two Snook at Amelia Island!

If I told you that the only two fish that came in the boat today here at Amelia Island were Snook would you believe me? Well believe me, because that's what we had today! I had the pleasure of fishing with Doug Mackle and his son Doug, and Doug jr's two daughters "Orange Sunglasses and Blue Shirt". We met down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp with an absolutely beautiful morning to greet us. Our first run was up the Nassau River to fish some dock pilings on the first of an incoming tide. We had just a few nibble but no takers so we ran through Horsehead to fish the mouth of Jackstaff. Here
we had some really good bites and at least two strong "takes" - enough to have the drag sing, but both broke off during the battle. No telling what they were but my gut tells me they had some sharp teeth - maybe Jack Crevalle's, or small shark, or feisty Blue fish. We hit a couple of area's around Jackstaff then made the run down to Christopher Creek. Here, the angler's patience paid off. Doug had a nice bite, a hookup, and a good fight but he soon landed a .....Snook!  This was the third Snook I've had on the Anglers Mark since I've been guiding. We fished up and down the bank, came back to the original spot and, BOOM! Doug had another good bite and...another Snook!  Number 2 for the day and number 4 for the boat.  You just never can tell what you're going to catch here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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