Thursday, March 2, 2017

We Got Soaked But Caught Fish

I was part of a group charter today- 4 boats total- and I had Ryan, Clayton and Craig on the Anglers Mark. The skies were dark when we left the City marina and as we turned the corner to head north we could see the rain up ahead sweeping towards us. And right into the wall of rain we went! When we reached Tiger Island all four of us were soaked to the bone but we broke out the jig rods and live shrimp and began to fish. It was only a short time when Ryan had a strong bite up near a log and I was thinking "Redfish". It put up a good fight and when it came to the surface we saw that it was very
nice large Trout. As we were netting it Clayton had a hookup and, FISH ON! This was a big fish. Clayton played it patiently and a worked it to the boat and we netted a 23" Slot Sized 11-spot Redfish. Now that's the way to kick off a fishing trip! We fished on and caught another large Trout and another Slot sized Redfish. We fished the area thoroughly then made a run around to the outside of Tiger, set up with float rigs, fished them for a while, then continued on around to Bell River. After pulling up to some flooded oysters, the three anglers began to fish their live shrimp up near some marsh
grass and BOOM! Fish on - a Slot Redfish. BOOM! Fish on- another Slot Red. BOOM! Fish on - Craig got in the action and began to put Redfish in the boat. We had a couple of "double" hookups and ended up with 8-9 Redfish, most coming from the same spot. As the bite slowed we kicked around moving then Clayton went to a different spot and, FISH ON! This was a big fish, or at least it seemed. After a long and patient battle Clayton landed a 22" hard fighting Black "puppy" Drum. We made one final run around an up Lanceford Creek and wrapped the day up catching 12-14" hungry Seatrout and after that we called it a day, another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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