Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fish Battles

We had a another nice morning greet us when I met Andrew Malen and his fried Katie down at the Atlantic Seafood dock today. We had postponed the trip until 8am to let the tide get started out and our first stop was at some flooded oysters on the outside of Tiger with the two anglers fishing float rigs and live shrimp. The baitstealers were in force but both Andrew and Katie landed a handful of Seatrout. We ran around to Jolley River and up to a large creek outflow where both anglers again put some Trout in the boat, including a nice 18" keeper sized one. Katie made an excellent cast
to the flooded grass and added a feisty Redfish to the catch. Then Andrew had a strong hookup, his drag ripped, he fought it patiently and, POOF, the fish was gone - it threw the hook! Shortly after that Katie had an even stronger hookup. This big fish took here around the stern and engine then up to the bow and around the trolling motor. Katie expertly worked the fish to the boat and there it was -a BIG Redfish!  But with one last quick turn, POP, the line parted and the fish was gone - the big one that got away!  We continued to fish, picked up a couple of more fish, then as the wind picked up, ran around to and behind Tiger Island and switched to jigs. Andrew caught a couple of Flounder here to round out the duo's Amelia Island Back Country Slam, then we made one last stop up in Eagans Creek where they caught a good handful of Trout and another keeper sized Flounder. With that, we called it a day, another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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