Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trout Flash

The days have been getting prettier and prettier as the week has gone along and today was almost perfect. I had John Nuckolls and his friend Dick meet me down at the City marina just before sunrise and we headed up to fish Tiger Island as the tide was coming in. Although we got there with plenty of shoreline to fish, there wasn't much biting except a nice keeper sized Black "puppy" Drum that Dick put in the boat (all fish were released today). We fished the area thoroughly but as the water got up we eased around to the outside of Tiger and found some flooding oyster beds with a ton of
bait moving through it. I think both anglers first casts produced fat, big, keeper sized Seatrout - around 18" each! For about another hour they had action, catching Seatrout from 14" on up to 18", all on live shrimp under a float. John had made a cast up to the marsh line and when his float went under and the drag began to rip, we knew this wasn't a Trout. He played the fish perfectly but today was not to be. The big fish got back into the current and BAP! the fish was gone. OUCH!  But he picked up another Redfish shortly after that and they had a couple of more Trout. The tide was high and in the grass so we poked the bow up into some likely flats and even though the water was high enough, we saw no tails. We hit one more flooded oyster bed and John landed another big Trout. After fishing one more spot we called it a day, another great one to be fishing Amelia Island waters.

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