Thursday, October 1, 2015

Flood Tide Fishing

We had another flood tide this morning, forecast to be around noon, so when I met Brian Cohen down at the City marina at 8am, we made a quick run up to Tiger Island to get in some jig fishing before the water got too high up. Brian was making excellent casts and picked up a few fish before we moved around to the outside and switched to live shrimp under a float. This was very productive with Brian landing a good handful of hungry Seatrout and a feisty Redfish and then he battled a nice size Bluefish to wrap up our bait fishing. We then began to check the flooding grass. It took three
spots but on the third as we eased way up in the marsh we both saw a couple of tails working through the spartina. Just like yesterday, they seemed to be on the move and just didn't like what we were throwing. We moved around to another spot (one we had checked earlier) and their was another Redfish, this one "backing" as it cruised through the flat. It too didn't want what we were tossing. And like the last couple of days, the tide was pouring in so fast, the flats filled up quickly and made the water too high to see anything. It was a beautiful day, we caught some fish, we chased some fish, and had another great day out on Amelia Island waters.

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