Saturday, October 17, 2015

Quantity Counts

We had a beautiful crisp morning today, just a little chilly but sunshine and light winds and it was a great day to be out fishing here at Amelia Island. I met Victor Sherlock and his son Christopher down at the South End boat ramp as the sun came up and we headed up the Nassau River, making the long run to Broward Island to catch the first of an incoming tide. It was a good move because the two anglers began to get hookups almost immediately. Christopher knocked the skunk off when he landed a hungry Seatrout then both anglers put a couple of feisty Redfish in
the boat, including a 10-spotter that Christopher caught. They also had a good handful of Seatrout and Christopher rounded out an Amelia Island Back Country Slam when he put two Flounder in the boat, and almost a third! We fished the area for a while then ran back to the Horsehead area, switching to float rigs. I think it was our first cast and Victor hooked up with a Trout. But it was Christopher with the hot rod - he landed 5-6 Trout in one spot then picked up a handful as we eased along the now flooded shoreline.  They added a high flying Ladyfish and a few bait stealing Pinfish and Perch before we headed around to some docks at Seymore's Pointe to wrap the trip up fishing some docks. Although the bite had slowed to a standstill, the two anglers had a good quantity of fish catches to make it a great day of fishing here at Amelia Island.

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L. Sherlock said...

Wow what a good anglers day!
The stuff memories are made of.