Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fishing and Football and Fun

I think we had the nicest day of the week with the weather Friday morning and it was great to get out on the water with two Georgia Bulldog fans - Lee Mathews and his buddy Vaughn -  who were visiting Amelia Island for the big game Saturday. We met early down at the City marina and headed north up to the Jolley River to fish the incoming tide that had already begun to cover the oysers. So the anglers went right to the float rigs, fishing live shrimp and mud minnows up near the bank. They had some early success,
catching some nice, hungry Seatrout. We moved further up the creek, picked up a Trout or two, then ran back to the outside of Tiger Island to fish the now flooded marsh grass. This was the same spot where we had some hot action the day earlier but today was exactly the opposite - no fish! After that we checked a few grass flats for Reds in the grass and even though it was flooded enough we saw  no tails. Our last stop was back at a grassy point. After we picked up a keeper sized Trout, Lee had a strong hookup and it was FISH ON! Did I say strong? This fish took off and didn't stop, ripping drag and taking the line right across a submerged oyster bed and, FISH OFF! Boy that hurt! But shortly after that, Lee, who was fishing a jig and shrimp along the edge of the submerged oyster bed, had another strong hookup. Lee forced the big fish away from the oysters then played it patiently. After the initial hookup at the bow of the boat, the fish took Lee to the Stern, port side, then around the engine, then to the starbord side. But Lee stayed with him and eventually landed the beast, a 33.5" oversized Redfish! Boy what a fish! And shortly after that the two anglers teamed up to catch another oversized Red (31.5")  that had a whopping 35 spots on it. These two fish smashed the Bragging Rights records, putting Lee in first place (and third) for the Anglers Mark Big fish catches (scroll down right side of this report for standings) Now that's the way to wrap up a great day of fishing here at Amelia Island!

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