Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Second Day of Trout Bite

Boy what a pretty morning we had today! I met Tandy Morton and his friend Tommy Zachary down at the Big Talbot Island Park boat ramp this morning and we headed way up the Nassau River to Broward Island to fish the last of an outgoing tide with live shrimp and mud minnows on jigs. It didn't take long before these two experienced anlgers were catching fish. Both of them found feisty Redfish and at least once they had a "double" hookup. They picked up a couple of small Flounder and a couple of more Reds before we ran back to Seymore's Pointe to fish a dock at the bottom of the tide. After working through some "baitstealers" and a small Mangrove Snapper, Tandy picked up a nice Black "puppy" Drum then Tommy found a keeper sized Seatrout (garnering the duo a "Grande Slam"). I think they caught another Trout or two there then we made our way over to Bubblegum Reef thinking that we'd fish some structure on the incoming tide. But the tide had never gotten down low enough so both anglers started tossing float rigs up near an old oyster bank and BOOM! FISH ON!  They caught Seatrout after Seatrout after Seatrout, most being undersized but every once in a while they landed a keeper sized one, with the biggest being 18". We fished until we ran out of bait, switched to jigs and plastic grubs, caught one or two, then called it day, another great one to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida

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