Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ladies Day Out Fishing

We had the prettiest day of the week fishing today which made it just right for Karen Reimondo and her friends Kim, Valerie and Mary Ann who were visiting Amelia Island with 8 more of their lady friends. And these four were up for fishing so we met down at the Atlantic Seafood dock and made a run north to fish outside of Tiger Island with float rigs and live shrimp and mud minnows. Typical of this time of year, the anglers had bites right off and picked up a couple of Seatrout and Bluefish. We fended off the baitstealers, caught one or two more fish, then ran up to Jolley
River and a large creek runout. After getting a bite here and there they landed a couple of more Seatrout then caught a few feisty Redfish. Valerie switched to a jig and shrimp and I think it was on her first cast when she had a strong hookup, FISH ON! This fish was big and made a strong run, heading for deep water. But Valerie was up to the challenge and after a good battle that took her around the boat a couple of times, she landed a nice 2'+ long Bonnethead Shark. Our last stop was back at the mouth of the Jolley and after catching one more Redfish, the bite slowed to nothing. All four anglers were making excellent casts at the end of the day and everyone had caught fish so we counted it as another great day to be fishing here at Amelia Island, Florida.

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