Friday, November 27, 2015

The Tide Made All The Difference

I also got to fish this afternoon, this time with the Joseph family - Kevin, Philip, Elaine and their dad Mike. We had the last of an outgoing tide and we also had a baitwell full of live shrimp and mudminnows.  Our first stop was up Eagans Creek and out of the wind and it didn't take long for Philip to "knock the skunk off" the boat when he caught a hungry Seatrout, The anglers picked up another Trout or two then Kevin added a Flounder to the mix. We then ran around to Tiger Island and although it was windy and choppy in the River, when we got to Tiger we again had some comfortable fishing and the tide was just right . I think it was Philip's first cast and BOOM! Redfish on! He played the fish perfectly and landed a nice Slot sized Red. It might have been the second cast and another Red bit. From then on they were catching fish. Kevin added a Slot Red then they all began to get Seatrout, with a good handful being of "keeper" size. There were a couple of times when we had "double" hookups. Elaine persevered and put a few fish in the boat, too. We were about to wrap the trip up when
we went back to our original spot and Philip was on the rod when he had a strong hookup. This was a BIG fish! He fought the fish away from the logs as it made one strong run after the other. We got out deeper then Philip was able to subdue the beast by working it in slowly. After a good battle he landed a big Slot 23.5" Redfish. Now that's a great way to finish a fishing trip here at Amelia Island, Florida!

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