Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Redfish at Amelia Island

Margaret Kiely and her son Will were visiting Amelia Island and her parents, local photographers Libby and Clyde Wilkes this past Presidents Day weekend.   I've had the pleasure of fishing with young Will a few times and it was great to see this fine angler again.  When I named my business The Anglers Mark, it was anglers like Will that I had in mind!  It's a little more difficult to see it in older anglers who've got mortgages, jobs, kids, and bills weighing on them, but my young anglers who have "the Mark",  step on the boat with nothing but fishing passion.  They're in to fishing and are going to cast from the minute they step on the boat until we pull back in to the marina.   I had received an eMail from the adults that they may need to cancel the fishing trip due to the extreme cold that was forecast.  The first thing I thought was, "I bet Will hasn't weighed in with his opinion yet!"  Sure enough, we decided to make a go of the fishing trip and planned to meet at 7:30am yesterday morning at the Atlantic Seafood down at the City marina.  As I was heading to my boat I noticed the temperature outside was a balmy 27 degrees!   We were bundled up as we pulled out of the marina but with only a short run to the docks of Lanceford Creek, we made it without our ears freezing off.  I dropped the Minnkota I-Pilot trolling motor, set the anchor feature and the anglers tossed out jigs and live shrimp on the last of an outgoing tide.  It didn't take long for Will to yell, "FISH ON!" and have a fight on his hands.  He played the fish perfectly and landed a nice slot Redfish!  With Libby taking pictures, Margaret got in on the action fishing deep with the jig and shrimp and pulled in a hungry Seatrout.  From then on it was fish after fish after fish.  Most were fiesty Redfish but they did add another Slot Red and a few more Seatrout with Will hooking up and landing a nice 19" Trout that puts him in first place of my Bragging Rights Tournament (scroll down right side of Report).  We eventually made a move to behind Tiger Island and picked up another keeper Seatrout and then Will hooked up with a wiley Sheepshead to round out his Amelia Island back country Slam!  With that, we called it day, another great one to be out on Amelia Island waters!

Adventure Eco Tour Nets Blue Crabs

I had the pleasure of giving Robin Killeen and her friends an adventure eco tour boat ride yesterday out of Fernandina Beach harbor on Amelia Island.  We eased out of the marina and moved over to the marsh line and dropped a couple of baited crab traps.  Mixing in some history, we toured Old Town Fernandina,  the Pogey plant,  Fort Clinch, and Cumberland Island.  We did spot a small herd of wild horses on Cumberland before we trolled up into the interior of Cumberland's Beach Creek.  Before making a pass of Tiger Island I ran up into a back water creek to release some live shrimp and mud minnows that I had on board from a previous fishing trip.  Our last stop was back at the crab traps where each trap yielded a lively Blue Crab!  It was cold all afternoon but these visitors were prepared with warm jackets and blankets to spend a beautiful couple of hours out on Amelia Island waters!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

February Amelia Island Redfish

I had the opportunity to fish with the Smith family the last two days - Jimmy, Pamela and their two kids Mekayla and Briley.  We fished from the Amelia Island south end Friday morning, hitting Bubblegum Reef where the anglers picked up a couple of Trout and then Broward Island where we picked up another Trout.  We then eased up into Christopher Creek and both Mekayla and Briley each caught a feisty Redfish.  It was a beautiful day, sunny and warming to almost 70, but these anglers had to work for each and every fish that they caught.  However they kept good attitudes, enjoyed being out on the water, and made plans to fish again this morning.  This time, we met at the Atlantic Seafood dock, located at the Fernandina Harbor Marina here at Amelia Island.  We had a little more wind blowing today so we headed up Lanceford Creek to have the land mass block the wind and fished the dock pilings.  It wasn't long before the anglers were catching one Redfish after another!  We were catching them all on the bottom with live shrimp and mud minnows and although most were undersized, they did put three Slot Reds in the boat with the largest being a 20" Red caught by Mekayla that puts her in first place in my 2013 Bragging Rights Tournament!  (Scroll down right side to view Tournament standings) Both Briley and Mekayla caught a hungry Puppy Drum and when Pamela boated a Seatrout we called it an Amelia Island Back Country Slam!  We hit a couple of more spots then headed in, counting it as another great day to be out on Amelia Island waters!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This and That Report

I fished this weekend by myself and tried a few things that I don't normally do, even getting in some whiting fishing.   The sun was out and made for a beautiful day on shore but the wind was howling out on the water so I tended to anchor up and fish a spot before moving on.  At my first spot in Bell River I didn't get anything but I did get to eat my Firehouse Sub sandwhich!  I went in behind Tiger Island and there were already two boats there getting shelter from the wind.  I moved down to the southern end and tossed a jig with live shrimp to the downed logs and picked up a  few Seatrout down on the bottom.  I noticed a family fishing in the center part of the island and they were using large Trout floats fished deep with live shrimp and seemed to be doing very well deep catching Trout.  I moved on up into the Jolley River and found a point out of the wind and picked up a couple of whiting out deep with a fish finder rig.  I also had 3 feisty little shark hookups.    Later, after I had cleaned and put away my boat my wife and I met friends out at Shuckers Oyster Bar for some fried grouper fingers.  They had fished earlier that morning at the first of an incoming tide and had just a few bites here and there but they did have a good hookup and after and extended battle brought to net a 26 3/4" Slot Redfish!  They were in the backwaters of the Nassau River.