Monday, August 25, 2008

Gladson Family

Jessica and Travis Gladson were visiting Amelia Island for the first time with there three kids, Justin, Tanner and Kasey. They came all the way from Wyoming! I caught some finger mullet before picking them up and we were on the water fishing before 8am. This was just a couple of days since tropical storm Faye came through; I had noticed the few times that I went over the bridge during the storm that the water was way up -covering the marsh grass completely. The water in the river seemed to be really clean, but dark - I assume "tannic". It was almost the color of coffee - no cream, of course! There was plenty of bait - mullet everywhere - and shrimp, too. Kasey pulled in a nice black drum and is pictured holding her catch. We also toured Ft. Clinch by boat, the jetties, and Pippi Longstocking's house. We even got an up close look at one of the Coast Guard gun boats!

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