Monday, March 9, 2009

Talbot Island/Sawpit Creek Boat Ramp alert

Carol and I wanted to do some leisurely fishing this past Sunday and went to the boat ramp at Sawpit Creek on the northern end of Talbot Island. When we pulled up to the ramp we found that another boater had backed their trailer down the ramp and it had fallen off the end of the ramp. There was an extreme low tide and this was the first time I've seen this happen at this ramp. Luckily another boater had pulled up to the ramp and offered to help by using his anchor to "grapple" for the end of the trailer; he lifted it up just enough for the beleaguered boater to pull the trailer up and out of the water. NOTE: The concrete ramp ended just a foot or two past the last cleat on the floating dock. If you're loading or unloading your boat at an extreme low tide, make note of where that cleat is and don't get your wheels too far beyond the cleat. We decided not to chance it with my trailer and ran north to Dee Dee Bartels ramp, launched and got in a couple of hours of fishing. Our live bait had died (that's my excuse) but we were able to get a few fish in the boat and enjoyed a beautiful day out on the water.

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