Monday, September 20, 2010

Rockytop Catch'n Fish

Adam Alfrey was visiting Amelia Island with his wife, Olivia and their beautiful daughter Rose Marie, along with Adam's parents Randy and Denise and Olivia's parents Bill and Kathy - all hailing from the Knoxville, Tennessee area.  Although they were a little disappointed about the outcome of the Volunteer/Gator game on Saturday, they didn't let it hinder them having a good time doing some backcountry fishing!  Adam, Randy and Bill met me at the Atlantic Seafood dock at 7am and with live shrimp already in the livewell, we headed out and were on our first spot shortly after we left the marina.  It wasn't long after the guys tossed out their shrimp under a float that they began to hookup on fish - Redfish and Trout.  The tide had just started out so we had plenty of time to spend at this shallow area with oysters and marsh grass as structure to target.  The anglers were making great casts and caught fish after fish after fish.  When the pinfish (baitstealers!) moved in we hoisted the anchor and moved around to "Manatee Creek", anchoring, and continued to catch fish.  I switched Adam to a jig/gulp combo and he immediately began to pickup Redfish, then Bill switch too and he caught a few, too.  When the bite slowed we pulled anchor, trolled in closer, and I tossed the cast net for a few dozen perfect sized finger mullet.  We ran up to Jolley River, fishing the east side, with the oysters still covered, but it didn't hinder these anglers!  The finger mullet were the trick with the feisty Redfish gobbling them up and all anglers boated fish,  then Randy hooked up with something that had "shoulders" and he patiently fought the fish to the net - a 18" slot Redfish!  We moved up the river, trying the "Mother-of-All", only to have a few bites but no takers, then we stopped back by  "Snook Creek" where the action heated up again!  The guys boated Redfish after Redfish with a few Trout thrown in.  Most of these fish were caught on Gulp Mullet, Baitfish and Shrimp patterns.  With the sun now up and the action slowing, we headed in to change "crews" - dropping off the satisfied Grandpa's and picking up Olivia, the baby and mothers Kathy and Denise. We toured Fort Clinch, cut across the channel to the southern tip of Cumberland Island, and were treated to the sighting of a small herd of wild horses!  After checking them out with binoculars we cruised up the coast and entered Beach Creek and as we rounded a bend we had another herd of horses come galloping through the palmetto's  to find grazing near the shoreline.  Majestic Osprey's were flying from perch to perch in their wild and untarnished habitat - and as we headed back we all agreed it was a great way to spend time with family out on the water! What a beautiful day!

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